Bracelet (Leather M)

“Duet 9” redesign into modernization and dynamic in two leather cords

Retail price : 1450thb


“Duoforce 9” a fine combination of modern and minimalism.

Retail price : 1250thb


“Duet 8”  come in 3 different layers to make it more sensational and urban styles.

Retail price : 1450thb


“Duet7” keeps you minimal and everyday wearable with 2 different colors in one.

Retail price : 1,250thb


“Duoforce 13” new combination of typical geometric shape (square, rectangular and circle) and that looks significant.

Retail price : 1,250thb


“Duoforce 3” new trick with hook clasp, where you find it new sensation of bracelet.

Retail price : 950thb


“Duoforce 10” Three together of medium and small leather cords, sounds fun to your selection.

Retail price : 1450thb


“Duoforce11” Sleek and modern are best two definition.

Retail price : 1350thb



“Duet5” Round pendant on top decorated, sometimes you need to project the second look with something exquisite.

Retail price : 1450thb


“Triple 1”

Retail price : 1650thb


“Triple 2”

Retail price : 1750thb

“Duet6” another sensational design with two color of leather, decorated with sleek hardware to express the sophisticated yet in style.

Retail price : 1450thb