Bracelet (Leather Size L)

Leather in large size, roled to project the look of beauty of boldness and highlighting to the dimensional texture of how leather braided. It does go along with medium-sized wrist.

latest design “MIRROR” – launched May2017

Retail price : 1800thb


“Twist 5” the excitement of boy camping, representing the Knot on top.

Retail price : 1750thb


“Twist 4” Making the simply elegance with duo color leather selection. Find your color of character here.

Retail price : 1550thb




“Simplicity 3” specially designed the cubic clasp made of stainless steel, greatness of modenization is expressed.

Retail price : 950thb



“Twist 8” personalized on top part with your name, initial or something special sounds magnetized.

Retail price : 1650thb



“Simplicity 1” wear it simple basic as its name and easy outgoing with any sense of outfits.

Retail price : 850thb



“Twist 7” Stylishly triple leather color, ready when the looks are advanced and layered.

Retail price : 1800thb



“Duoshine 1” Wear it double loops, creating more dimensional reflection of downtown lifestyle

Retail price : 1250thb



“Duoshine 3” Keeping fun in double loop with modern top part for your character.

Retail price : 1300thb