Bracelet (Leather XS)

“Aurora 14”  feel the difference of 3 colors tops in extra small leather cords and keep geometry of today.

Retail price : 1,150thb


“Aurora 9” injecting the bit sense of masculine and rectangular plate and tight right through with two leathers.

Retail price : 1,150thb


“Aurora 10” feeling the power of military masculinity with “MATT” sensational button right on top, triple wrap your wrist to give thicker wrist.

Retail price : 1,350thb


“Aurora 12”  inspired by the X’Mas ornament when it ‘s time to decorate your wrist with seasonal atmosphere.  Pearl is very magnificent on you.

Retail price : 1,250Tthb


“Aurora 1”  single cord on double loops style, it could go with easy outgoing look of the day.

Retail price : 800thb


“Aurora 5”  a new interpretation of modern and sense of masculine minimalism.

Retail price : 1050thb


“Aurora 6”  presented in single color with triple loop on your wrist.

Retail price : 850thb


“Aurora 2” any pick of 2 leather colors always a excitement and pure joy of color matching.

Retail price : 1150thb


“Aurora 3” we bring the beauty of jewel into leather works, sphere with little crystal beads is astonishing.

Retail price : 1250thb