New collection #WhenWeWereYoung

#WhenWeWereYoung is one of our most fun, dynamic, exciting collection ever. Throwback the good old days time of your childhood memorylane when you were in school, we felt so blossom when talking about the school camping, life survival class.

With our strong intention, every 10% of every pieces sold, does the donation for crippled children.


YOUNG 5/ 1 : the symmetric square knot on top with duo colors to excite your personality.
Price / 1550 thb (medium leather)



YOUNG 5/2 : movable two-tight knots to ensure your fun sensation.
Price / 1550 thb (medium leather)



YOUNG 6/2 : simply knot tightening but how it layered is tempting itself.
Price / 1050 thb (large leather)


YOUNG 6/3 :  be bolder, be more fun, be greater with large leather.
Price / 1850 thb (large leather)


YOUNG 5/3 : twirl in and out to create such flamboyant dimension to your wristewear.
Price / 1550 thb (medium leather)



YOUNG K/2 : inspired from the knot of fishing, we called it fish-bone keychain.
Price / 950 thb (large leather)


YOUNG K/3 : Don’t miss the a little deTails of your keychain to your style companion.
Price / 750 thb (Large leather)


YOUNG K/4 : Featuring the medium leather to ensure the composition fit to your everyday accessories.
Price / 650 thb (medium leather)